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Single-cell and double-cell blinds provide varying levels of noise, light and heat reduction. Popular top down bottom up cellular shades option allows you to lower your shades from the top, or raise them from the bottom, maintaining privacy and letting natural light in. Available in over 300 fabric options including 25mm single cell, 38mm double cell and 45mm single cell, our Honeycomb Blinds give you more choices, more comfort and more energy efficiency.

Used with RemoteLift motorization, the Momenta app allows you to raise, lower and position your shades with your smart device. Our light filtering honeycomb double cellular shade offers the energy saving benefits of insulation paired with sound absorption and an attractive price.

Single cell shades are ideal for those who might want a lighter window shade for applications such as in a large window. Double Cell Shades consist of two rows of cells fused together for enhanced energy efficiency. At Blinds Chalet we can special order just about any window covering even if it's not on our website.

Arena Honeycomb Shades offer a variety of fabrics in a range of colours and styles, which provide for a wide choice of d├ęcor possibilities. All Arena Honeycomb Shades fabrics are made from easy-to-clean, anti-static polyester, to create a low-maintenance window covering solution.

The final feature that makes our shades so energy efficient is the option to use energy-saving sidetracks alongside your cell shade. But a pleated blind would provide some insulation as well, in both cases by providing a mostly-dead air space around the cold window, reducing convection.

They have the lines to enhance any room, and their cellular construction provides incredible insulation. Block out fabrics block 99% of visible light and 99.9% of UV rays. Make for more comfortable living and enjoy the natural sunlight without being overwhelmed by the associated heat with these light filtering honeycomb blinds.

If you live in a particularly noisy area, we would recommend a double cell shade for maximum noise reduction. Cellular Blinds are the ideal choice for your home as they are light, efficient and they give your room a great look. Single-cell blinds comprise a single layer of cells stacked on top of one another.

Designed with high-quality fabrics that are soft, durable, and easy to clean, Double Cell Stock Shades features cordless control, an innovative lift system that raises or lowers blinds when you lift or lower the bottom bar, ultimately acting as a safer alternative for homes with children and pets.

Combine two different cellular fabrics or two different pleated fabrics for versatility in style, light control, and privacy. Lift Control Location is Not Applicable if you choose Delux Cordless System. Please Note: Multiple shades on one headrail - Shade widths exceeding fabric width: No Charge.

We chose to put the double honeycomb shades in it's own category because it is really a stand alone cellular shade. Inside mout blinds will fit within the window casing for a clean, custom look. Easy Blinds make made to measure custom blinds for your windows. Sturdy yet soft fabrics elegantly folded into honeycomb-shaped cells form an energy-efficient barrier that keeps warm and cool air from escaping to ensure your room is comfortable year round.

Everything fits perfectly and I am very impressed with the quality of these blinds. The double cell blinds two primary factors that influence a shades ability to resist heat transfer are material thickness and airspace. The cordless feature is perfect for homes with small children or pets.

Cellular shades are known for their good insulation; while each of them provides insulation, however, double cell shades have a much greater ability to keep the outside temperatures out and the inside temperatures in. Another issue related to insulation is solar heat gain, which refers to sunlight shining through unobstructed windows, raising the temperature inside the home.

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